Why taking action creates success

Action is necessary if we ever want to close the gap between dreams and success. If we never do anything different, then nothing will ever change. Most of us learn to be comfortable in our current situations rather than take a step outside of our comfort zone towards a more positive goal. If you want something, you have to move towards it. Sometimes we think that if we just keep on waiting the answer will become clearer or the decision made easier. Most of the time that’s simply not true.

Inaction causes confusion and distraction away from your goals. Of course it’s good to think

something over carefully before taking action and to pray about it, but doing nothing isn’t usually the answer. Sure you can make up a million excuses why you haven’t taken that first step, but if you don’t step towards something good it will most likely never step towards you.

I believe many people are missing out on so many opportunities that could lead them to a much more fulfilling life. Working with a life coach can help you to determine what steps to take and when in each area of your life. Many people struggle with fear. Fear often holds us back from achieving good things in our lives. Fear tells us we can’t - that it’s not possible. Fear is a liar. Be bold, step out in faith. If the roadblock preventing you from living a better life continues to keep you from something truly good - then it’s only because you haven’t taken action. Make a thoughtful and prayerful decision, and then take action - today! Step out and step up! You’ve got this!

I am a certified Life and Wellness Coach who would love to help you take action towards your goals. Contact me for an appointment


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