Small changes lead to big results

When it comes to physical fitness and nutrition, even small changes can lead to really big

results. As a matter of fact small changes are recommended over big changes in the beginning to keep you from burnout and overwhelm and to help you stay positive and on track. But small changes can really add up fast. For example, if you start taking a multivitamin and drink water instead of sugary drinks this could boost your energy and mental clarity and reduce your annual calorie intake by 219,000 calories or about 50-60 pounds in a year.. And if you hydrate yourself appropriately with 6-8 glasses of water a day, you’ll flush toxins, improve your skin, help with weight loss, and boost performance during exercise. So that one change of replacing sugary drinks with water boasts some pretty big changes and coupled with taking a multivitamin can be truly rewarding.

Food choices are important. When you’re grocery shopping, try sticking to the outer aisles and avoiding the inner aisles where processed foods and foods high in sodium and sugar and low in nutrients hide. Feeling truly hungry? Don’t ignore it, try a handful of nuts or a spoonful of peanut butter. You’ll feel good about your choice and the protein can help curb your hunger for a longer period of time. Don’t limit yourself by cutting out any food group entirely. Anything in moderation is key - keeping your weight balanced or losing/gaining weight is all a matter of science. What comes in for calories must be burned off within the course of the day or else a weight gain will occur. On the contrary, if you burn off more calories than taken in you will lose weight.

There is no magic pill or gimmick that will work in the long run. You must put in the efforts and stay committed to reach your goals in any area of your life. Moving your body in a different way than you’re used to can amp up your metabolism and help you get fitter faster. Most people when they think of working out think they have two choices - some form of cardio or strength training. I challenge you to add in a HIIT component to your routine and combine it with strength training for one powerful workout. Studies have shown this to be the most effective way to burn calories and get fit in the least amount of time. HIIT training is a form of interval training that alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. I also challenge you to never again say “I don’t have time to exercise”. If you are truly lacking time, set your timer for a 5 minute workout in which you do 1 minute of push ups; 1 minute of burpees; 1 minute of squat jumps; 1 minute of running plank; and 1 minute of soccer runs. If you have 10 minutes of spare time, take a 30 second break and repeat. If you get your metabolism revved up in the morning, studies have shown that you will reap the benefits all day long.

Small changes truly lead to big results when we commit to a healthier lifestyle with no excuses. Being too ambitious too soon can lead you to quit rather than stick to changes for the long haul. So focus on a couple of small changes you can commit to today! You’ve got this!

I am a certified Life and Wellness Coach and I am a Certified Fitness Instructor. Contact me today to learn how you can make small changes and see big results! Together let's get motivated for change and work towards your goals!

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