How life's hardest moments make you stronger

I am a firm believer that life’s most difficult moments can end as the biggest and best triumphs of our lives. Who we are as a person really shines through the brightest when we fall - hard! Are you someone who takes a nosedive into the ground and then grabs your blanket and pillow and takes up residence on the floor? Or are you someone who picks yourself up, brushes off the dirt and continues forward even harder and stronger than ever before? We all fail. That’s the plain and simple truth. No one is perfect and because we are human we all sin and fall short of who we hope to be and who God created us to be. Such is life. The sooner we realize this and accept it, the sooner we can stop beating ourselves up for our failures and really try to learn from them and of course not to repeat them in the future.

After all, if we don’t ever learn from our failures will we ever truly succeed in life at anything? I think not. So I implore you to listen to your self talk, stop beating yourself up, and try instead to figure out what it is you can learn from your pain. What lessons can you hear calling to you from the proverbial voice of reason? Look for more than your physical reflection in the rear view mirror. Look for introspection.

Many studies have shown that hard times in our lives often teach us to have more compassion for others and ourselves, and to be more spiritual and more focused on our strengths and future goals. Yes loss is difficult and grieving is totally expected when we lose something of value. But it's often in our losses that we realize things about ourselves that we would’ve never seen if we hadn't gone through the experience. Loss can lead us to a place where we can make life better and resolve our former issues so that our future will be a more peace-filled and happy one. Whether that loss leads us back to where we came from smarter and stronger or full speed ahead, the idea here is the fact that we learned resilience and strength and that we have more control over our actions and thoughts than we used to.

Mindfulness, the process of turning your attention to your self talk and what is occurring at the present moment, is a good practice to help you achieve this and a practice that many have had a lot of success with. Thinking about what your thinking about is very important to your mental and emotional wellbeing. So the next time you face sudden setbacks that send you face first into the floor, remember that you have options - you don’t have to see this as a negative consequence, instead you can see this as an opportunity for growth and set the stage for that to happen. Don’t be so hard on yourself - forgiveness is one of the most beautiful gifts we can both give and receive. Of course being able to forgive both yourself and others means you have to take full responsibility for your actions, but once you do then you can really learn from your mistakes and move towards a positive and productive lesson learned. So take that setback and turn it into a comeback!

I am a Life and Wellness Coach who would love to help you learn to turn your trials into triumphs as you work towards improving your life and setting goals. I am also a mindfulness coach who can help you learn the art of being present every moment. Contact

me for an appointment today.

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