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Do you find yourself frequently let down by others and feeling a lack of joy and fulfillment in your life? Well if so you’re not alone. According to a June 16, 2020 article written in Time magazine, a study conducted in May 2020 by the National Science Foundation found that only 14% of Americans are happy and that feelings of unhappiness are up by 50% or more over the length of the study. Sure we could blame COVID-19 for the sudden increase but this study also recognizes that this trend towards unhappiness has been increasing since they started collecting data in 1972.*

One of the reasons many people are unhappy is that they look to others as the source of their happiness and fulfillment or lack thereof, and therefore, they come up short. No person can ever provide another human being with lasting joy and fulfillment. Instead, it has to come from both your faith and from within yourself. If you are not happy within yourself you will never be happy with anyone else either for very long. You may be very happy, even enamored at first in any relationship but those feelings fade 100% of the time and once it does fade, what you have left is a sense of emptiness and the reflection looking back at you in the mirror each morning.

Happiness needs to come from within yourself. The feeling of fulfillment and joy comes from a trinity of three parts together that make up who we are - body, mind, and spirit. All three need to be healthy and nourished and in alignment in order for us to experience fulfillment and joy to its fullest. When we have a strongly nourished relationship with our Creator and know who we are spiritually, combined with healthy emotions, mind, and body, the result is an intense, beautiful, and positive energy within us and a feeling of balance and joy. We learn to get our happiness from our relationship with God and from within ourselves and no longer need another person to make us happy.

The same concept is true for the people and situations we have allowed to “make us unhappy.” First of all another person or situation can not “make us” anything unless we allow it. We choose to let people or situations affect our emotions and peace or not. This is where a healthy emotional life comes into play. I used to allow my past experiences to control my present thoughts and actions until I learned how to take every thought captive and change how I was thinking, and therefore feeling. I began to choose what I would allow myself to think about or dwell on and what I would simply let flow through me and back out again. Of course this isn’t to say we don’t need relationships and closeness with others. God created us to be relational beings and calls us to love one another. But once we learn to stop looking to other people as the source of our happiness, we realize that all of our relationships become stronger and healthier. You too can have happiness if you look to the right source.

I am a Certified Life and Wellness Coach and would love to help you find fulfillment and joy by bringing your body, mind, and spirit

into a healthy and nourished place. Let’s figure out your needs and meet your goals together.

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