10 Tips for relaxation

Ahh the lost art of relaxation. How can we re-familiarize ourselves with such a fundamental

need in today's harried world? How can we slow down long enough to enjoy a relaxing moment when there’s still so much to be done? What if I told you that if you took more time for yourself to relax, that you would actually be more productive in most if not all areas of your life?

True relaxation comes when we experience a sense of peace and calm in both our body and

mind. When you are truly relaxed your breathing and brain waves slow, your muscles are less tense, and blood pressure, heart rate, digestive functioning, and hormonal levels all return to normal thus giving rise to a calmer state of mind.

There are lots of ways to relax. Some ways are designed to relax your mind and some to relax your body. But because of the way the mind and body are connected, many relaxation methods work on both the mind and the body simultaneously. Sometimes it takes trying several things before finding what works best for you. Mindful meditation, aromatherapy, breathing exercises, journaling, and guided imagery are five ways to help slow down your mind. Stretching exercises, a massage, a soak in a hot tub, getting outside to sit in nature or take a walk, and progressive muscle relaxation (tensing and relaxing each muscle group starting at the top and working your way to your feet) are five helpful ways to relax your body.

Once you get yourself in a relaxed state it’s important to maintain that state of mind throughout the rest of the day. One of my favorite ways to do this is through mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of keeping your mind in the present moment and to consciously think about what you're thinking about. Our minds tend to wander incessantly but by keeping our thoughts on what is occurring in our present moment and not what occurred in the past or what will occur in the future, we can experience each moment fully and not be as distracted or emotionally stuck in negative situations from our past. Also listening to our self talk is so important. Negative self talk will make anyone stressed and ruin your confidence and self esteem. Make sure you’re kind, loving, and gentle with yourself always. I hope through discovery you can find ways to relax that work for you. Shalom.

I am a Life and Wellness Coach who is also certified in Mindfulness and would love to help teach you this practice. Contact me today for an appointment.

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