4 two hour sessions via phone, in person, or face-to-face on Zoom 


1 two and a half hour brainstorming session via phone or Zoom 


8 two hour sessions via phone, in person, or face-to-face on Zoom 


4 two hour group sessions  sessions via Zoom 


1 hour session is $75 or 4 one hour sessions for Children's coaching 


General Life-coaching

Together we will discover areas of professional and/or personal life goals and create a plan to
help you achieve them. Whether your goals involve an existing business, change of career,
relationship and family goals, fitness and nutrition objectives; a general wellness
accomplishment, or even confidence building, I will help you to gain clarity, address blocks and
challenges, and help you to maximize your full potential.

2 1⁄2 Hour Brainstorming Session

This is for someone who is very self-motivated and simply needs someone to offer guidance
and direction and can take it from there. Are you someone who is a go-getter and doesn’t let the
hurdles of life get in the way of your goals? Can you put your mind to anything and accomplish it
without much problems but you sometimes just need a compass to point the way? Then this
may be enough for you to set you on the right path towards success.

Nutrition and Hydration and Fitness Coaching

I am certified in nutrition and hydration and as a fitness instructor. Physical fitness is a very
important area of my life and I am very disciplined about exercising daily and eating a healthy
and mostly balanced diet. A commitment to physical fitness not only keeps our bodies in top
shape but our minds as well, because during exercise we release hormones and chemicals in
our brain that promote happiness and improve mood. There are many benefits to being
physically fit but the top six are pain management, weight management, decreased risk of many
diseases and cancers, boosts in energy, better quality of sleep, and an increased sense of

well-being. There is definitely value in being physically fit and when you start adding things of
value to your life, that’s when things really start to change.

Children’s Life Coaching

I have a BA in Early Childhood Education, a Child Psychology certification, and a Mental
Well-Being in Children certification. I have been CORI checked and approved by the State of
MA and also fingerprinted. Moreover, I have worked in Early Childhood education for over 25
years. Let me motivate and inspire you and your child to move towards positive goals, solve
problems, be active and healthy, and help your child understand that they can have an active
role in their own happiness. I also help you evaluate their personal, emotional and educational

Faith-based Life Coaching

I specialize in Christian-based life coaching. If you share a love for the Lord and want your goals
to reflect that faith, I can help you to accomplish this. Do you want your business, your fitness
and nutrition goals and your relationship and family goals to reflect on and center around that
faith? Or maybe you want to set goals based on the growth of your faith in particular. Either
way, if this is what you are looking for then faith-based coaching is for you.


Most of us go through life unaware of the thoughts that encircle our mind all day long - the
average person has between 50 - 60,000 thoughts per day. Many of our thoughts can be
self-destructive. Mindfulness has moved me into an awareness of my daily thoughts which has
helped me to stop self-destructive thoughts and to replace them with positive, loving thoughts. I
can help you achieve a sense of mindfulness also.